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Teaching Disability Inclusion.

Implement Disability Inclusion & Social Emotional Learning with Live Joyfully -

A new education program inspired by 'Joyfully Josie' children's book.

Did You Know?

📚 US Public Schools have 7.3 million students with disabilities

🌍 240 million children worldwide have disabilities

🚸 Students with Learning Disabilities are 31% higher bullying risk (CRT)

🏫 Schools with SEL programs report 27% improved learning environments

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Do Your Students
Understand Disabilities?

Are they comfortable?

Have they learned what it means to be inclusive?

Preparation makes the biggest difference for
everyone - children, teachers, and parents.

Champion Disability
Inclusion Education

The Live Joyfully certification proudly signifies that your school is committed to fostering an environment where all students gain a deep understanding of disabilities, promoting an inclusive and empathetic future for all.

Implement Live Joyfully in your education program to your school to earn your very own Certification Badge.

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